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The AVRcam is a small, real-time image processing engine capable of tracking colorful objects. The system was specifically designed to provide the everyday-hobbyist with a vision system that can be easily added to their projects (robot, security, monitoring, etc).

Based on the Atmel AVR mega8 microcontroller and the Omnivision OV6620 CMOS image sensor, the AVRcam has the following capabilities:

* Track up to 8 different objects of up to 8 different user-defined colors, at 30 frames/second
* Provide real-time tracking statistics (number of objects, color, bounding box, and more) through a standard serial port (UART)
* Tracked image resolution of up to 88 x 144 pixels (at 30 frames/second)
* Low power consumption (v1.1 of the hardware draws 5V at only 57 mA running at full speed)
* In-circuit reprogrammability for the end user to add new capabilities
* Completely open-source software and hardware

In addition, the AVRcam is supported for demonstration and calibration by a PC application called AVRcamVIEW. This software provides the following capabilities:

* Take full-color snapshots (176 x 144 pixels) with the system and display the images (both raw Bayer data and interpolated data)
* Easily create a Color Map of colors to track based on a snapshot (just click on the colors of interest and add them to the Color Map)
* Adjust the precision of each tracked color (i.e. provide a range of acceptable R-G-B values for each color), allowing the user to adjust the Color Map to the available lighting conditions
* Display the real-time tracking results of each tracked object (with color and bounding box information)
* Record a tracking session for playback at a later time
* Record and timestamp all communications with the AVRcam to evaluate its performance under different conditions
* Test the system out in multiple operating systems supported by Java 1.5 (current support for both Windows and Linux)
* Completely open-source software

Link: AVRcam

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