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AVR synth

A monophonic synthesizer based on an Atmel AVR microcontroller.

The first was the Jarek Ziembicki's AVRSYN. It is a monophonic "virtual analog" synth based on an Atmel AT90S8535 microcontroller. The second version of AVRSYN uses ATMega16 and has a MIDI capabilities.

This synthesizer was reworked by "a-guy-called-krüe", which swapped the original atmega16 and 8MHz oscillator for an atmega32 and 16MHz oscillator. AVRSYN by krüe (See the photo above)

The last derivate I found is the "synth-diy" version. His version is modular, made on a perfboard. (Via Electronics-Lab blog) Links: Part1 - Part2 - Part3 - Part4 - Part5 -

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