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AVR signal generator... Twice, please!

Two homemade signal generators, based on AVR microcontrollers.

The first one is an AVR Signal Generator by Murray Greenman (ZL1BPU), which is an audio signal generator and sweep generator with wide range, high accuracy and great versatility. It's based on AT90S2313 and R-2R D-A convertor. Its output level flat from DC to 100 kHz, and operates to 250 kHz. It provides SINE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE and RAMP waveforms, with very low distortion. This generator is using the DDS.
Link: Siggen ZL1BPU

The second one is based on ATMega8 and PWM conversion. It provides:

* Adjustabe frequency range: 0,25 c/s to 8 Mcs/s in 1024 steps
* Wide dynamic range of the frequency without mechanic switching
* Reprogramming of the frequency characteristics
* Adjustable pulse-width from 0.00 to 100.00% in 1024 steps

For better controlling, it contains a LCD module.

Link: Signal Generator with an ATmega8

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