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AVR prototype board

A new prototype board for AVR 28-pin microcontrollers from Protostack.

A some time ago I've obtained this protoboard from Protostack. In the package was the board itself and a couple of components.

The main component is the Atmel AVR ATMega8, but you can replace it with any ATMegaXX8 chip (48, 88, 168 or 328) and get an "Arduino-like board". The package contains also AVR IC socket, 16MHz crystal, capacitors, coil+capacitor for AVcc filtering, RESET push switch and 2x5pin header for programming.

The board is well fabricated, with soldering mask and tinned holes, so the soldering is a piece of cake.

The board has a lot of clearly labelled prototyping space (0.1" grid). All microcontroller ports are accessible through the prototyping holes in the "small prototype area" near the AVR, but you can wired them anywhere. The power rails are good accessible too.

The board has six mounting holes. You can use these holes for board stacking (in cooperation with the 3-hole protostrips near the edge of the board), so you're not limited to single board's prototyping space.

With the cost about 15USD it's a really good solution for AVR prototyping.

Link: Buy from Protostack

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(Thanks to Protostack for granting this protoboard.)

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