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AVR frequency counter

A simple, inexpensive and versatile frequency counter with LCD display and some special extra features.

How would you like a 40 MHz frequency counter for under $50? What if I told you it also had an 8 digit LCD display, optional offsets for use in a receiver or transceiver, 10 Hz (even 1 Hz!) resolution, and also a six channel digital voltmeter built in? Direct reading with prescalers in the VHF version? Oh, and optional PC telemetry so you can watch the output on a PC, log the results, or graph drift? Well, read on!

Some of the features of the unit are:

  • Four ranges, with 10 Hz and 1Hz resolution to at least 40 MHz.
  • High sample rate (5 samples/sec or more) with averaging to remove jitter.
  • Programmable ± offsets and S-Meter display for receiver or transceiver.
  • Binary and BCD maths to provide direct reading of frequency with prescalers.
  • Low current single supply operation. Can be operated from a small battery for portable use.
  • Optional high speed PC telemetry.
  • Well documented source code is available, so the design can easily be adapted.

Features of the PC telemetry application provided are:

  • Six A-D channels and high resolution counter channel.
  • Graphical colour display on the PC, with digital display, bar-graphs and a trend graph.
  • PC display completely configurable independently on each channel.
  • Channel data type, gain, offset, and measurement units can all be preset.

(A construction By Murray Greenman ZL1BPU)

Another AVR frequency counter

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