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AVR Flash Loader

This project uses a WIZnet WIZ810MJ board to connect an Atmel Butterfly development board to a PC host application via ethernet.

The embedded part of the code for this project exists within the Butterfly as a protected bootloader, independent of any resident application. The host server code, running in the PC, can function in an automatic or manual mode. In
the automatic mode, when the Butterfly client connects to the server, its flash and/or EEPROM memories are programmed without user intervention. In manual mode the user may read or write the Butterfly’s flash and/or EEPROM memories, load and save the memory images from/to disk, and edit the contents. Verification is included in all writes.

In either mode the data being programmed into the Butterfly may also be automatically modified (serial number sequencing, insertion of different text strings, etc.) via simple scripting commands. Thus each programmed Butterfly can be written with a different image.

Links: Project(zip)
Abstract (pdf)

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