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Audio gesture recognition

A new MCU-based project from Cornell University. It utilizes a microphone placed in a stethoscope to recognize various gestures when a fingernail is dragged over a surface (an original idea, isn't it?).

Gary Halajian has sent me a message containing a link to his student project. He (and his colleague John) made an interesting input device, which recognizes gestures by its "audio signature".
Authors says: "We used the unique acoustic signatures of different gestures on an existing passive surface such as a computer desk or a wall. Our microphone listens to the sound of scratching that is transmitted through the surface material. Our gesture recognition program works by analyzing the number of peaks and the width of these peaks for the various gestures which require your finger to move, accelerate and decelerate in a unique way. We also created a PC interface program to execute different commands on a computer based on what gesture is observed."

Link: esture Recognition based on scratch inputs

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