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ATTiny Board

With this small board you can program most of the AVR ATTiny microcontrollers or you can build your projects to use it in a stand alone application. It can be powered with a 9V battery because it has 5V voltage regulator on it.

The board contains the AVR 10 pin standard ISP connector with which you can program the device on the board. On the board itself there is space enough to place a textool ZIF-socket so you can insert the device into the socket, program it and easily take it out again. The board contain two different sockets for the DIP8 and DIP20 ATTiny microcontrollers.

Programming of the device in one of the sockets can be done when the board is connected to the STK500 or with an ISP programming cable connected to the parallel port of your PC, in that case you need the software IC-Prog 1.05C or BASCOM-AVR to program your device.

The ports B and D of the ATTiny2313 are connected to the outside world via two 10pin headers. The 5V power supply is also available on the 10pin headers.

Link: ATtiny board

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