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Atmel AVR programmers

A pair of AVR JTAG programmers for hobbyist.

There is a lot of AVR programmers around the web. Let me show some of them:

The first one (I'm actually using) is the AVR JTAG MiniICE external, created by Kosta (in Czech). His construction fits into the CANON9-CANON9 plastic adapter. All you need for construction (PCB drawings, firmware) is available directly from AVR JTAG MiniICE pages external. You can buy it as kit or as finished device too for costs about 30-35 EUR. AVR JTAG MiniICE external is compatible with AVRstudio and is suitable for all AVRs with JTAG interface (ATmega16 and higher).

MiniICE photo

The second one I found a short time ago is the IsoJtagISP external by Andrew Leech. It combines JTAG and ISP interface, so it can programs not only JTAG-positive AVRs, but the ATtinys, smaller ATMegas and AT90s too. His construction utilizes the FTDI FT232R chip, so you can connect IsoJtagISP external to the computer by USB interface. Author provides all necessary things you need to construct on his pages too. If you want, you can buy finished product for 55 USD + postage.

IsoJtagISP photo

The third one is USB friendly too, but it hasn't the JTAG, just the ISP. It is compatible with the STK500 and its name is AvrUsb500v2 external. This construction is "open-source" and is provided by Tuxgraphics.org. It is possible to buy the kit (need to be soldered) for 22 EUR (29.50 USD) in the Tuxgraphics Shop external.

AvrUsb500v2 photo

Have you some favorite AVR programmer? Place a link to the comments.

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