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Atari ST reborn...

Two attempts to build an Atari ST clone.

Recently I've found these two projects about the Atari ST computer. The first one is the Atari Coldfire Project. It is an initiative of people from different parts of europe with the aim to create something new for our beloved Atari-world. Their aim is to build a new Atari-clone based on Motorola Coldfire processors and make it available to the public at the lowest possible price. It seems these pages were sleep for a long time, but now they're alive again, I hope.

Atari Coldfire Project

The second one named Suska is an open source Atari ST(E) IP-Core written in VHDL. Suska has grown to a nearly full functional Atari ST(E) using VHDL as modelling language. At the very beginning it was just the address decoder of the GLUE custom chip which was replaced by a simple model. That was back in February 2003. Many hundreds of hours later all custom chips found in the Atari ST(E) have been replaced with a single FPGA. Even the 68000 CPU has been integrated. More and more functions of the ST machines have been integrated into a single FPGA. Floppy Disk Controller, Blitter and last but not least the 68000 CPU found its way into the Suska FPGA.

Suska - an Atari ST core in VHDL

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