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Another FORTH resources

I really love Forth... I've already said it, haven't I? ;)

Here is some links to pages about FORTH and microcontrollers:

Frank Sergeant's FORTH page contains some links to other FORTH pages, including some source codes. The main theme is the Pygmy FORTH.

EMForth for ARM7 is a FORTH implementation for an ARM RISC architecture. The project continues on Nerdipedia as SAM7 FORTH

Camel FORTH is a Forth implementation for embedded microprocessors (8051, 8086, Z80, 6809, MSP430 or RCA1802). It is compatible with ANS Forth. It was originally developed as an educational project for The Computer Journal, but has since become popular for embedded systems programming.

Another handy FORTH is muFORTH. Its author says: "I wrote muFORTH to explore some implementation techniques (a simple native code compiler for the x86, tail recursion), and the idea of building a small kernel, with just enough bits in it to bootstrap itself, by loading more Forth code from source. I’m very interested in writing target compilers, hosted on muFORTH, for the ARM and AVR architectures. I'm about to launch into writing some support for Freescale's HCS08 as well."

So - happy FORTHing!

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