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An ultimate AVR MP3 player design

An evolution of the homebrew MP3 player - if you are interested in building your own, here is all you need.

There are some designs based on VS1001 chip. The first version is based on PIC18F458 (20MHz), connected to MMC/SD Media card (FAT32 Only) and displays on LCD16*2 Compatible standard Hitachi HD44780.

The second one is an AVR ATMEGA32L based player with MMC/SD Media (and support to both FAT16 and FAT32) and displays data on Graphic LCD (Mobile Nokia 3310 screen).

The third design's features are: ATMEGA162 8 MHz, Media CD-R stored mp3 file, Character LCD 16 * 2 Compatible Hitachi HD44780, support file 2 type (Audio CD Compact disc) and (MPEG layer3 “MP3” format) and decoders VS1001K and VS1011B.

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