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An amazing ARM-based eval board

I've obtained my desired toy just today: The new ARM Cortex M3 based evaluation board from Luminary Micro external.

I choose one of the better boards, LM3S6965 Ethernet Evaluation Kit external. This board features e.g.:

  • Stellaris LM3S6965 microcontroller with fully integrated 10/100 (MAC+PHY) Ethernet controller
  • OLED graphics display with 128 x 64 pixel resolution and 16 shades of gray
  • User LED, navigation switches, and select pushbuttons
  • Magnetic speaker
  • Standard ARM® 20-pin JTAG debug connector with input and output modes
  • MicroSD card slot

Embedded CD contains evaluation version of the Keil uVision 3 ARM, complete documentation, quickstart guide and source code, Stellaris Peripheral Driver Library and example source code.

The board is based on 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 RISC microcontroller LM3S6965 external (a member of 6900 line external). This microcontroller works at 50MHz frequency and it has 256 kB of single-cycle FLASH and 64kB of SRAM integrated on chip. But not only these parameters are interesting: This microcontroller has also 10/100 Ethernet Controller integrated into 100-pin LQFP. Just perfect base to tiny homebrew computer. :)

I have tried all of the demo apps (from Hello World to embedded WWW server) - all of them works on the first attempt, no problems at all. I'm really looking forward to my holiday, to the days with this board...

The eval board costs about 69 US$ (today's price at Mouser.com)

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