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Amforth - ATMega FORTH

Amforth is a compact forth interpreter and compiler for the atmel avr atmega microcontroller family which is implemented in assembly language and amforth itself. It is an interactive system running completly on the controller. It does not need additional hardware beyond a power supply.

Amforth implements a large subset of the Forth standard ANS94. Most of the CORE and CORE EXT
words and a varying number of words from the other word sets are implemented. It is very easy to extend or shrink the actual word list for a specific application by just editing the dictionary include files.

The dictionary is located in the flash memory. The built-in compiler extends it directly. Amforth provides full access to all interrupts. The interrupt handler routines can be code or forth words.

Amforth is published under the GNU General Public License version 2.


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