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Acorn micro-kernel for ATMega

Acorn micro-kernel is a simple open source multitasking OS for 8 bit ATMega CPU, written in Assembler. It provides all the basic synchronization primitives.

Acorn kernel is an open source, robust micro kernel for 8bit Atmel AVR microprocessors written entirely in Assembler. The kernel is a static preemptive operating system. It means:

  • Any number of tasks can be accurately defined before run time and when the system starts up all tasks are created and this number does not change.
  • A "scheduler" organizes the tasks execution as each task is given a time quantum to execute its code based on interrupt or software driven events
  • It provides synchronization primitives which are used for intertask communication, resource counting and task critical section protection.

Link: Acorn micro-kernel

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