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6809 programming stuff

Some 6809 stuff: A C compiler and a simulator in one article.

GCC6809 is a port of the free GNU C compiler to the 6809 processor. It has been tested on Linux and Cygwin, and is probably portable to other UNIX-like environments as well. GCC6809 now supports the CoCo hardware platforms as well as generic targets.

Link: GCC6809

GCC6809 has been tested in a variety of ways. An important tool has been this 6809 simulator, which was originally written by Arto Salmi but has been modified and enhanced greatly to support 6809 development.

* Cycle accurate simulation of all 6809 opcodes, except for cwai and sync.
* Builtin debugger similar to gdb which lets you step through code.
* Capable of loading "linker map" files for symbolic debugging.
* Designed to emulate a number of different machine architectures. Current machines range from simple, which has a single 64KB RAM device, to wpc, which emulates most of the WPC pinball ASIC. Adding support for other machines like CoCo or the like would be fairly easy.
* Fairly efficient simulation that runs about 20x faster than realtime.
* Supports machines that have bank switching hardware, where there is more addressable memory than can fit into 64KB at once.

Link: 6809 simulator

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