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4x ZX Spectrum

A little bit retro: Four links to ZX Spectrum related projects, because SPECTRUM IS STILL ALIVE! :)

The first linked page is a blog written by Bob. This blog is dedicated to today's ZX Spectrum development - a fascinating cross-over between the PC and the Speccy.

ZX Spectrum Developer

The second one is an older Italian ZX Spectrum "clone" named Chrome. Chrome features 2 CPLD from Xilinx that emulates not only 48K spectrum but a more powerful 128K, 7 MHz Z80 clock and floppy disk interface. This means also a very small number of chips and a compact board too.
Every logic devices are fully reprogrammable on board enabling changes to original design in real time.


A lot of interesting information you can find on the ZX Spectrum Hardware DIY pages maintained by Pera Putnik. I think everybody knows his site, but I've to mention it... It's simply amazing!

ZX Spectrum Hardware DIY

Sparky is an "idealistic" project to "revive and redefine" old good ZX Spectrum - its author, Richard Kelsch, is planning "the ultimate 8 bit computer system that we all wanted when the 8 bit machines ruled, but never could afford." Sparky is based on eZ80 with a lot of memory, enhanced Basic and SVGA output. Sparky AFAIK doesn't exist yet, but Richard did a lot of works on specification. Are you interested in? Go and join to Sparky project!

Sparky eZX

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