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1-Wire device emulated by AVR

I bet you know a lot of artickes on "How to connect 1-Wire device to AVR". Here is the problem reversed: How to simulate an 1-Wire device in AVR?

Photo: MyCorp

The whole device is really simple as "bare ATTiny45". Firmware is developed in the BASCOM AVR.

More about this project: The article describes basic approach to building 1-wire slave devices by uC emulation on example of DS2450 1-Wire Quad A/D Converter. Besides lower cost, emulated device allows to get more precision that the prototype and more flexibility by adding various extra software options. Also, 12 bit ADC conversion was realized by oversampling technique. ATTiny45 chip finally was chosen for the emulation although PIC12F675/683 also were tested but failed due to the speed limitations. Tiny45 was configured for operation from internal RC clock at 8 MHz with RESET pin configured as analog input.

Read more: Tiny AVR emulates Dallas DS2450 1-Wire Quad A/D Converter

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