Ladies, gentlemen, let me kindly introduce – ASM80. (Applause!)

ASM80 is an IDE for writting and debugging code for old CPUs 8080, 8085, Z80 and 6502, and it’s completely online, so it can run directly in your browser (it need no installation). Of course, modern browser (FF, Chrome, IE9+, new Opera) is required.

You can save source files into workspace (which is stored locally in your browser) and compile them into .hex and .lst format. Assembler used in ASM80 provides some higher instructions like INCLUDE or MACRO, so you can divide your source code to libraries and include them. You can store your workspaces online as well as download it in ZIP format.

Important: You have to save your file prior to compile. Type of source code is determined by file extension. “.a80” means 8080/8085, “.z80” means Z80 and “.a65” is for 6502 CPU.

Compiling is nice, but ASM80 provides debugger too. You can emulate 8080, Z80 or 6502 and walk step-by-step into your code. And more: ASM80 contains JavaScript emulators of some vintage microcomputers, so you can test your program in emulator directly. At this time it can emulate only two really obscure Czech microcomputers (PMI-80 and PMD-85), but I work on further emulators (KIM-1, ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, C64) .

ASM80 is work-in-progress and new functions are added each week. The main goal I’d like to fulfill is documentation in English (I have only Czech documentation).

So here is my Retrochallenge: Write a documentation and prepare some new emulators!

Happy retrocoding!