Cubieboard is a small (10x6cm), hacker friendly, extendable and very low-cost while powerful ARM board with Allwinner A10 SoC. Not so hyped as Raspberry Pi, but a little bit more powerful.

Its specification says, that Cubieboard contains 512MB or 1GB DDR3 DRAM @ 480 MHz, 4GB NAND FLASH, HDMI video, audio, 10/100 Ethernet,  µSD storage, SATA storage, USB (OTG) and IR connection. Very interesting feature is its headers, where you can find i2c/twi, spi, rgb/lvds, csi/ts, fm-in, adc, cvbs, vga, spdif-out and touch-panel.

Cubieboard cost is $53 (plus shipping). You can see more at or pick one up at their store